Trivia Questions 2

Trivia Questions 2

If you missed our first round of trivia questions, you can find them by clicking here! We play trivia at the annual Careers in Language Fair and these questions came from the 2017 event. You can use these questions as a quick classroom activity, an end of term reward, or as a motivating pick me up.

The Questions

  1. Which member of the royal family announced an engagement?
  2. What’s the name of Japan’s largest fish market?
  3. Name one Japanese festival
  4. What is the longest running anime series?
  5. What is “Hokusai” famous for?
  6. Why did they build the shinkansen?
  7. What’s the name of the northern most island?
  8. Apart from 7eleven, name a Japanese konbini.
  9. What time of the year do sakura bloom?
  10. Where will you find Arman and Rikopin?
  11. In English we “like” posts, what do you click in Japanese?
  12. What do Mt Fuji, Himeji Castle, and Itsukushima Shrine have in common?
  13. What’s the difference between mochi and daifuku?
  14. I’m the most followed Japanese person on Instagram and I’m famous for my Beyonce impersonation, who am I?
  15. Chankonabe is like a super sized hot pot, who eats it?
  16. Write today’s full date in hiragana
  17. In what city can you visit a maid cafe?
  18. Which city makes okonomiyaki with noodles?
  19. What do you call a table with a heater under it?
  20. When you pray at a shrine, how many times do you clap?



The Answers

  1. Princess Mako
  2. Tsukiji
  3. Various answers
  4. Sazae-san
  5. He painted the Great Wave Off Kanagawa
  6. They built it for the Sapporo Olympics in 1972
  7. Hokkaido
  8. Various;
  9. April or Spring
  10. The TV show Terrace House
  11. いいね!
  12. They are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  13. Daifuku is mochi with fillings
  14. Naomi Watanabe
  15. Sumo wrestlers
  16. Various answers
  17. Akihabara
  18. Hiroshima
  19. こたつ
  20. Clap twice 
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