Trivia Questions 1

Trivia Questions 1

Trivia can be a fun class activity saved for a special day. At our 2016 Careers in Language Fair we held a round of trivia that had students extremely active and excited. The questions are a mix of pop culture, history, and general knowledge about Japan.

We suggest making a powerpoint with trivia questions to keep the flow and not leave questions up for too long.


Question 1

In English, this character’s name is Serenity. What is her Japanese name?

Question 2

One Punch man’s name is a pun on what other character’s name?

Question 3

The anime Bleach ran from 2004 – 2012, how many episodes were there?

Question 4

The Death Note franchise was renewed in 2016 with a fourth movie, what was the movie called?

Question 5

What is Japan’s population?

Question 6

What is the current period’s name? Hint: Hey! Say JUMP

Question 7

What is this emperor’s name?

Question 8

Before Tokyo, where was the capital of Japan?

Question 9

What is Japan’s national sport?

Question 10

True or False: you can smoke indoors in Japan.

Question 11

True or Flase: 18 is the age of an adult in Japan.

Question 12

True or False: Japan has a large and highly disciplined army.

Question 13

True or False: Japan won 12 gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Question 14

Write today’s date in Japanese, with hiragana pronunciations.

Question 15

How many islands is Japan made up of?

Question 16

Name an odd flavour of Kit Kat from Japan (except green tea)

Question 17

What city does takoyaki come from?

Question 18

What is the equivalent grade of year 9 in Japanese schools?

Question 19

What is yakyuubu?

Question 20

If your teacher says きりつ, what should you do?


The answers are below:

1 Usagi 
2 Anpanman
3 366

Light up the NEW World

5 126 million as of 2016
6 Heisei Era
7 Akihito
8 Kyoto
9 Sumo
10 True
11 False
12 False
13 True
14 Answers vary
15 6,852
16 Answers vary
17 Osaka
18 Middle school year 3
19 Baseball club
20 Stand to greet your teacher


We will be having another trivia round at the 2017 Careers in Language Fair! After the event we’ll definitely post the next round of trivia questions.

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