Careers in Language

Interviews with people who've used foreign language skills in their careers

Wearing 浴衣

浴衣 are light weight and casual traditional clothing that are used as an alternative to the thicker and heavier 着物. They were first used as a simple piece of clothing that you could wear when travelling from your house to a bath house. Nowadays they...

Haiku Lesson Plan

Haikus are a great opportunity to teach traditional Japanese culture, as well as new vocabulary, and the added bonus of writing on 原稿用紙(げんこうようし)paper. Start by introducing the differences between English and Japanese haikus: Haikus written in English have three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the...

Jason Khoh from mochiwa mochiya

Jason is the founder of mochiwa mochiya and has a long career in translation and an impressive network. He says he prides himself on meeting and connecting with people and is always introducing people to each other, widening the Japanese community in Sydney and setting...

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