Interview with Verena Hopp

  A common theme amongst people connected to Japan is that they've got an oddball collection of experiences, and Verena Hopp is no exception. Born in eastern Germany, Verena says the first time she became aware of Japan was when she was watching TV and stumbled...

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Interview with Tim Romero of Disrupting Japan

Tim Romero, from the suburbs of Virgina, USA, currently lives in Tokyo, running the podcast Disrupting Japan, and investing in and acting as a mentor to startups. He says he had a "boring" childhood and was nerdy - playing Dungeons and Dragons and programming his Commodore...

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Interview with Robert Millar from Ginza Hub

Robert Millar is the founder of Ginza Hub, a co-working space in Ginza, Tokyo. Ginza Hub rents desk space to people starting their own businesses and offers fast wi-fi, meeting rooms, and coffee made by Robert himself. The space also offers the ability to meet...

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