Lesson Plan

Trivia Questions 2

If you missed our first round of trivia questions, you can find them by clicking here! We play trivia at the annual Careers in Language Fair and these questions came from the 2017 event. You can use these questions as a quick classroom activity, an...

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Trivia Questions 1

Trivia can be a fun class activity saved for a special day. At our 2016 Careers in Language Fair we held a round of trivia that had students extremely active and excited. The questions are a mix of pop culture, history, and general knowledge about...

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Haiku Lesson Plan

Haikus are a great opportunity to teach traditional Japanese culture, as well as new vocabulary, and the added bonus of writing on 原稿用紙(げんこうようし)paper. Start by introducing the differences between English and Japanese haikus: Haikus written in English have three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the...

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